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New Menough tribute! Hope you guys like it! :)

Finally, a menough tribute for the first time in a year and a half! *throws confetti in the air* 

Note: Apparently HD is your best friend until YouTube decides to screw up the last few seconds of your video (set those seconds on normal quality or use fullscreen!). 

Making this tribute kinda just started back in April when Iwas downloading f.r.i.e.n.d.s videos and needed something to keep me patient. Yet somehow, I ended up absolutely loving this. I always thought “It Girl” was one of the most perfect songs for menough (all the way back since season 14). The amount of menough feels I got making this was crazy; don’t know how many times I “awh’d” during the process. It’s been two years and four Dancing with the Stars seasons, and my babies are still going strong. I freakin’ love it. 

BGM: “It Girl” by Jason Derulo (covered by Alex Goot)

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I had to move the fanfics to a better site that actually works. I also organized them by type & titled them all. There are even ratings. Also, if you have any fanfic requests leave them here in my askbox or on the wattpad page. 

Check it out!

Day 3: Your favorite quote/s from your OTP.



"There was a little kiss, whatever it was, it felt right."

“I don’t want to dance with anyone but Derek Hough.”

“I always celebrate with Bud Light, and it’s so funny because Derek always knows when we go out to celebrate after like a good night of dancing, he doesn’t even need to ask. He’s always like, ‘She’ll have a Bud Light, please.’”

“The salsa: it’s the vertical expression of a horizontal desire. I think we already did that…”