Always menough love

…I was in utter awe of her dedication and work ethic. She never once complained, even when I saw the pain on her face…

The woman is a fighter, and she genuinely wanted to be there, to learn, and to do well. She wasn’t going to let anything hold her back from it.

Derek Hough writes about Maria Menounos, Take the Lead

Maria Menounos taught me an amazing lesson about enduring. It was during our first dance, the cha-cha. There’s a move in the beginning where she goes over my leg and I twist her, then she goes into another dip. A week before the premiere, we were practicing that move, but when I twisted her, she landed on my knee & cracked two ribs. Another person might have said, ‘That’s it, we’re finished here,’ but not Maria. She had her ribs taped up and went right back to work. She even joked about it: ‘Obviously, Derek’s knee is very strong and my ribs are very soft.’
I was worried about her, but she kept saying, ‘We are not talking about this! We are dancing. I am having the best time of my life and I need to power through.’

Derek Hough talks about Maria Menounos in Take the Lead

  • Q: Who comes up with those crazy team names-- and what has been your favorite?
  • A: The fans! I think my favorite has been "Menough Said" for Maria Menounos and me.

Roadtrip - Menough oneshot

Warning: rated M (mature) for smut

It was the middle of the summer and it was hot, even for California. Maria sat by the pool with her tablet. Derek dove in and was about to go sit back next to her. She heard him get out of the water and she looked up. The way the sun hit his abs and the way the water dripped off of him as he ran his hands through his wet hair… she had to catch the breath she just lost.

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